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A decision support mobile application to follow up and diagnose primary headaches


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Headache disorders are an important health burden, having a large health-economic impact worldwide. Current treatment and follow-up processes are often archaic, creating opportunities for computer-aided decision support systems to increasse their efficiency.

According to International Classification of Headache Disorders - the Third Edition (ICHD-3) - we can establish an uniform terminology and consistent operational diagnostic criteria for the wide range of the headache disorders around the world. They have been validated for helping physicians make diagnoses and we've made our own questionaire based on this criteria.

Our mobile application allows the users to register all the information concerning headache attacks in user-friendly manner. Also it contains an automated diagnosis support module to induce an interpretable predictive model from collected data in order to support the physicians in making the correct diagnosis.


features of

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    Comprehensive Anamnesis

    We've made a comprehensive but very easy to use anamnesis questionaire based on ICHD-3 criteria. The requested information is very well structured and presented in a user-friendly way. Also we've tried to provide appropriate contextual information to help user to understand medical terminology as easy as possible (see below screenshots).

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    headache journal

    Our headache journal was designed to replace the diary that patients use to keep track of their headache attacks. Obviously it is more efficient and user-friendly than the use of a paper calendar since the user can register the information concerning his/her attacks at any time and any place.

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    points of interests

    Our application let you to search for any category of desired points of interests like hospitals, pharmacies, neurologists, headache specialists etc. It will ask for permission to use your GPS location to find the closest POIs.

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    probable diagnosis

    Our automated diagnosis support module let the users to generate a probable diagnosis that could be shared along with anamnesis questionaire with physicians to help them to establish the correct diagnosis much easier and/or with other persons interested in this information (e.g. students can share this with colleagues)

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    useful insights

    We've tried to provide helpful information and key insights about headaches, modifying triggers and new concepts in managing headaches linked to clinical references.

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    full support

    We provide full support and you can send feedbacks and/or questions to us anytime through application or by contacting us by letting your messages on the private Slack channel we've created for this application.


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